Five things you should know before undergoing surgery

Going through a surgical operation, either in order to improve health or to have a more aesthetically attractive image, is a complex process regardless of whether the procedure you are going to undergo It is invasive or not, as it involves physically manipulating the anatomical components of the body, such as organs and tissues, and this can also lead to complications if the proper precautions are not taken, these are five things you should know before undergoing surgery .


  1. Ask all the questions in the appointment before the operation

Generally, hospitals schedule control appointments the day before or a period no longer than a week before the day on which the procedure is to be performed, this is done with the In order to evaluate the patient before the operation, this is where you can ask anything you want about the treatment you are going to receive, as it is important to feel completely safe in regard to the procedure you are going to undergo.

In fact, many people who have undergone bariatric surgery Tijuana have mentioned that they feel less nervous before being operated on if they know well the operation that is going to be performed and how it is going to be done.


  1. Do not smoke or drink 24 hours before surgery

This recommendation is important, as it is done to prevent complications related to the hepatic metabolism of alcohol, as well as the effect that nicotine can have when performing an operation, staying sober and without smoking for 24 hours before the procedure allows your body to be in the most suitable state prior to surgery.


  1. Eat a light dinner the night before.

In the same way that it happens with the aforementioned metabolisms, not consuming heavy foods the night before surgery is necessary because you must avoid interrupting the digestive process to operate, as this can complicate the operation considerably. If your surgery is scheduled in the morning, it is best to go to sleep on an empty stomach. In both cases, you need to go to the medical center without eating anything before the operation.


  1. Assist with a trusted person

Going to the operating room with a person you can trust, such as your parents, your partner or a very close friend is important, as it will help you stay calm and, in addition, it will increase your security Some patients who have undergone plastic surgery in Tijuana have mentioned that they feel safer when accompanied by a loved one.


  1. Go to the operating room well groomed 

Ultimately, it is necessary that you attend the operating room in complete cleanliness, bathing before the operation does not generate any complications, you need to keep your body clean to prevent infections even if before making incisions you use a sterilizing solution. 

If you follow these tips, you will surely have more peace of mind when you go to operate! Decreasing the risks that she carries